People who have had a close encounter with a bear, what happened?

2021.10.24 18:18 shapesnshit People who have had a close encounter with a bear, what happened?

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2021.10.24 18:18 KermitJFrog5916 2014 Chevy Cruze radio issue help

I don't know if this is the right sub or not, if not can some one please point me in the right direction.
This last summer, I bought a 2014 Chevy Cruze from a dealer and haven't had any real issues until this week.
When im driving my radio screen goes black, my music stops playing and the blinker stops clicking, after a minute it will all turn back on and go out again. What could be causing this to happen? And what are some easy trouble shooting things I can do before taking it to a professional?
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2021.10.24 18:18 LisaKetty Halloween posters by Lisaketty

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2021.10.24 18:18 Maximum-Elk-31 Are universities extending their ED deadlines?

Would it be a good idea to email and check?
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2021.10.24 18:18 Limp-Equal2220 [Question] Whats the name of this watch? Its stunning😮

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2021.10.24 18:18 agreatday248 What are three of your favorite holidays?

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2021.10.24 18:18 bruhb21 Champion with the most sustain?

Which champion with full build can last the longest in a fight, regardless if it's a solo or team fight?
And by sustain I don't mean tankiness, I mean a draintank, like with lifesteal or omnivamp.
So they have to be tanky enough to survive the initial burst, but then who can survive for the longest time after that?
Would it be Olaf? Trundle? Vladimir? Someone else? Just wondering.
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2021.10.24 18:18 Rajajikiaayegibaraat Radhika Seth

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2021.10.24 18:18 sikedrower relistening to 10/19 and oh my god

what a fucking cathartic release. That’s how it felt while there too but my god… this whole second set is so good. and that drift encore is a fucking tear jerker in the most uplifting way. I love these guys and every single one of u, from the assholes to the woo’ers (okay maybe not always them), none of us exists in a vacuum but together we make something truly beautiful. I fully expect this post to be swiftly downvoted by aforementioned assholes, so get to it do yo thang, still love ya <3
what was your favorite part of 10/19 other than all of it? hope I get to see all of y’all crazies in vegas :))
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2021.10.24 18:18 JamalMurraySZN Zoid Okoro has a new look before the finals!

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2021.10.24 18:18 HjOnK_HjOnK_am-devil This is an OC from an apocalyptic story I’ve had in my mind, her name is London

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2021.10.24 18:18 funnylookinmonkey Spotted in Hilliard

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2021.10.24 18:18 beerandluckycharms One of my cats got ahold of my indoor no-dig potato plant and destroyed it, here's his haul!

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2021.10.24 18:18 Jiggyjiggywithit A quick rant

I’ve been trying to grow my breasts now with subs for a long time and they’re still the same, everything else seems to be progressing like my face and butt, but my breasts just will not grow and it’s starting to annoy me because i’ve used all the subliminals that got everyone else results…
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2021.10.24 18:18 killcraft1337 Recommendations for meal kits!

Hi! I’m new to the uk and living alone and would like to try out some meal kit companies! Which would you recommend as the best? My priorities are cost> convenience > variety in that order. I should also note that I only have a microwave and an induction hob! Thanks so much in advance!
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2021.10.24 18:18 Coolxone04 Encountered a wild Spiffo!

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2021.10.24 18:18 Justin__D 28 [M4F] - Atlanta/South US - That "Someone to Play the Alphabet Game on Road Trips With" Feeling

“It always gets kind of hard when you get to Q, and you have to bend the rules a bit and take stuff like LaQuinta.”
“But Q is pretty easy – I mean, there’s Dairy Queen and Quality Inn. I’d imagine X is the worst one.”
“Maybe. My friends and I never really got that far though.”
We actually got through three whole games. I won all of them. Maybe she’d just never gone on a long enough trip before. Also, kudos to “XTRA Lease,” you’re the real MVP. Well, and Xavier University, which I was on the lookout for as we approached New Orleans. All things considered, I think Z turned out to be the recurring hardest letter. The only opportunity you ever get for that one is zoos, and as far as I know, there aren’t any between New Orleans and Atlanta.
X is plenty easy enough to find. After all, that’s what she now is to me. Which is what brings me back here. 2021’s been a rollercoaster of a year for me. I met my ex. We made many memories together, the best of which were all while traveling. We split up. I’m up for a promotion at work that I’m pretty excited about. I’ve been remote since early last year, so I’ve been able to spend more of my time on the road and less of it always stuck in the same place. Honestly, it’s not just Atlanta. I get bored if I spend more than a week in the same place. But hotels are expensive, so I still spend most of my time bouncing around between here and my hometown of Lake Charles in Louisiana.
Lake Charles, Louisiana. It’s where the story of me began. And growing up, I hated it there. It’s a place I never really learned to appreciate until I left. But I’ll get to that later. I went to a small private school that covered K-12 and had a student body of maybe 100. They had a nasty habit of replacing science with religion, but other than that, I’m actually pretty grateful for the education I got. Perhaps the thing they handled best was that they actually taught spelling through twelfth grade. My younger siblings went to public school starting with middle school, and my mom brought this up to their teachers: “Why aren’t they learning spelling?” “It’s not on the standardized test.” As someone who’s thrown out multiple résumés before because of a single spelling error, it may not be on the standardized test, but it’s worth a lot on the test known as life.
I did pretty well in school overall, at least, as far as academics were concerned. Penmanship was a challenge for me – I missed highest GPA in kindergarten because I pretty much had straight C’s there. I managed to shape up and would get the award through eleventh grade though. Senior year was a different story. My traditional competitor for that award (the one I’d lost it to in kindergarten) and I were taking a couple of college dual enrollment classes. We had a hard final to study for the next day, and missed a couple of classes to do so. One teacher had an axe to grind with us and dinged us for attendance. A random person wound up getting the highest GPA award that year.
Outside academics, I was kind of a joke though. It was either sophomore or junior year when I had to take home economics. I can’t cook worth a damn, so what am I to do? Fortunately, I had helped everyone else with their homework for years, so they were more than ready to return the favor. Teamwork makes the dream work, I suppose? And aside from science education, the other place where I guess the school failed me was in developing social skills. When you graduate in a class of four (at the top, if that even counts for anything), you don’t really grow up around a large enough sampling of people to properly socialize yourself. I used to be awkward as hell. I still am, but I used to be too. Possibly the best example was in sophomore year. I’m in the lunchroom in the morning, putting my lunchbox up in the fridge. The girl I had a crush on walks in and twirls about, asking, “How do I look?” “Okay… I guess?” What I wanted to say, and eventually developed the courage to months later, was that she looked stunning. Needless to say, if that story had a happy ending, I wouldn’t be using it as an example of my horrible social skills. One of the top five regrets of my life. I’ll bring up another (though more humorous and less serious – I guess I don’t regret all that much?) later.
I wish I could say that college was as much of a breeze as K-12 was. Unfortunately, that couldn’t be further from the truth. I had to take a lot of math classes, and beyond algebra… I kind of suck at math. At least calculus and statistics aren’t really useful for what I do. I even considered dropping out, since my field tends to be famous for its notable dropouts anyway. And at my last job, at least, two of the smartest people I worked with were. I’ve also met total morons with degrees, from well-regarded universities at that. Well, as my uncle puts it, a degree is really just a piece of paper that proves that you’re able to put up with four years of bullshit. A feat that I was able to do once, since I did wind up finishing my degree, and would then perform a second time at my next job.
And thus begins the chapter of my life that’s mostly dominated by that job. I met a girl in Atlanta around junior year, and moved here to be closer to her once I graduated. That didn’t last, but I think it was the right move for my career. Don’t get me wrong – the last company I worked for screwed me over at every opportunity, but I met some great people there (who are mostly gone now because that company’s become so toxic toward actual talent), and developed quite a few skills while working for an interesting client. That client, by the way, was Coca-Cola. I’m glad they had such a fancy campus, because I was often the last one on my team to leave, troubleshooting some irritating problem until 2AM. I’ll also say that being the only person at a place the size of a city block, aside from security, is a cool but eerie feeling…
I suppose that takes me to now. I left that job over a year and a half ago and never looked back. Okay… I guess there was the first day on this job where I walked into the room and was inundated with so many acronyms that I didn’t understand, that I wondered if I’d made a grave mistake and should’ve taken the matching counteroffer at my old company. Oh god, what did I do? It turned out great though. I eventually knew what I was doing, to a passable degree at least, and heard that my old company docked everyone’s pay by twenty percent. Yep. Thank god I left that shithole.
That concludes the brief retelling of my life’s story. As brief as a retelling that took me four minutes to read just now can be, at least. Believe it or not, my graduation speech was actually the shortest out of anyone’s in my class. Regardless, you honestly still don’t know anything about me. You know what my education and my last couple of jobs are like, and you can probably guess from my username that my name is Justin (and you’d be correct). What do I believe? What do I love and hate? What do I do outside work?
I guess we’ll start with that first one. When people ask that, we all assume they mean politics or religion. So I’ll try to sum up my views on both. And strangely enough, I could do that in one sentence: I want to be left alone. And I believe my obligation is to give others the same courtesy. I was raised in a very, very Christian home. And a few of the takeaways of that were actually worthwhile – “Treat others as you wish to be treated” is a splendid way to live your life. Except I never saw much of that in the church. Is the average preacher so masochistic that the way they wish to be treated is to constantly be threatened with fire and brimstone? Because that’s the most generous interpretation I can give them as to having any semblance of a consistent worldview. On account of this, I left the church and never looked back. What would I label myself, then? Honestly, I simply call myself non-religious. Between my fanatical Christian mother and my fanatical atheist cousin, who have waged war against each other on Facebook numerous times (exactly the kind of thing that made me delete my Facebook profile – there’s far less negativity in my life, and I’m happier for it), I feel like I’m watching two sides of the same coin, and I want nothing of it. I’m hoping for lots of insightful discussion about what you believe though. I’m not looking to convert you to the more or less total indifference I hold here, nor do I much care for anyone to attempt to convert me to their belief system. But if people from different points of view learned to just get along, the world would be a far better place.
Politically, I’d consider myself a libertarian. I could list out all my political beliefs here, but I’m certainly not trying to spark a debate. I simply want to be left alone. And the government’s role in this is simple, far more so than they realize, unfortunately. Just stay out of everyone’s bedrooms, wallets, gun cabinets, and spice cabinets. Oh, and in case it needed to be said, don’t go to the Capitol and replace the Stars and Stripes with your guy’s flag when he loses – that behavior does not a patriot make.
Onto my likes and dislikes? I guess let’s start with music. I’ll listen to most things, whether it’s pop (Free Britney – she’s from my home state after all), alternative (one of my favorite Spotify playlists is one my brother made called “Edgy emo boi” – it has everything from Panic! At the Disco to Pierce the Veil to Skillet – despite not being religious myself… I’ve gotta admit they’re still a good band, oh… and there’s a song by Miley Cyrus on there? Still haven’t gotten a decent explanation on that one…), to dubstep, to electro swing (my electro swing playlist has been a hit with everyone who’s heard it – I keep most of my playlists private but happily share this one!). I tend to not like country all that much, especially any of the modern stuff people would label “bro country.” I’m not going to dismiss the genre as a whole though. But for the last week or so, I’ve honestly mostly been listening to one thing nonstop, which is the Hamilton soundtrack. Which brings us to the next thing.
TV and movies? I watch a lot of things. I keep up with a select few. Gravity Falls, Seven Deadly Sins, The Magicians (to name a few that there is unfortunately nothing more to keep up with), and RWBY are a few favorites. I used to watch South Park, as well as Rick and Morty, but these shows have gotten kind of… Lazy, stale, and unoriginal? I have a reputation among work and friends as “that guy who hasn’t seen movies.” For instance, I’ve never seen Star Wars, and I’ve only seen the first part of LOTR. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is probably my all-time favorite. It’s kind of funny too that it was an acquired taste for me – I didn’t even like it until the second time I saw it. And remember how I mentioned earlier on that I was going to get to another of my top five regrets? It’s that I hadn’t seen Hamilton for the first time until about a week ago. I’d try to blame people for not telling me how good it was, but… they did. I just didn’t listen. Oh, and as far as something I haven’t seen: Squid Game. I feel like I’m the only one on earth that hasn’t. If you’re the second person on earth who hasn’t, let’s… not watch Squid Game together? And no, I don’t feel like I’m repeating a mistake here. Hamilton is something that I knew would be up my alley – I like music and US history, after all. It wasn’t something I was ever insistent on not seeing, anyway, and more so just something that I’d never gotten around to.
Books and games? I’m actually not way too into either of these. Based on my political inclinations, you could probably correctly guess 1984 though. I’ve also been suggested Brave New World – I could always stand to read more dystopias. As far as games go, I do have a Switch, and occasionally play Smash and ACNH. Cuphead is also fantastic. I feel like I also need to give a shout-out to my all-time favorite, even though it no longer exists. It was called Glitch, and it was made by the people that now make Slack. In general, I like games that are “out there” and stray off the beaten path. The more polar opposite it is to the shooters and sports games that get churned out every year with slightly better graphics, the more I’ll probably like it.
Booze? I’m kind of a snob about some things. The most basic/common beer I’ll drink is Corona, but even then, only if I’m at a really run-down gas station and I can’t get anything better. I know I’ll piss off everyone in Atlanta by saying this, but Sweetwater 420 is the most generic IPA I’ve ever had. It’s not bad in the same sense that Bud Light is bad. It’s just… lacking in personality? By far my best discovery of this year though, has been Wild Leap. I used to think that beer brewed east of the Mississippi couldn’t rival beer from the other half of the country. But I have to say that almost all of their brews have been fantastic, and the Local Gold is possibly my favorite out of any beer I’ve ever had. I tend to really have a thing for blondes – in beers, that is. Liquor? All right, after using up most of the paragraph on beer, let’s speedrun this. Favorite rum: Bayou. When not in a place where I can find that, Kraken. Vodka? Yellowfin. But that’s even harder to find (a product of my hometown), so Kirkland it is. Whisky? Kirkland’s Canadian, or Vanilla Crown. I hear people rave about stuff that costs hundreds of dollars, but I’d rather not drink away that much money in a night… I kinda used up all my snobbery points on beer anyway, so I haven’t historically gotten along well with whisky snobs. Tequila? Patrón when I can cough up the money (and what I’m drinking right at this moment), Hornitos otherwise.
Pets? I have a tuxedo cat named Roxy. She’s my world, and she’s been more supportive to me than any human could ever hope to be. She’s practically joined to me at the hip – even in a literal sense sometimes. I’ll get up for a little bit to walk around while I’m working, and she’ll immediately get up and sit in my chair. We’ve sort of learned to share the chair, although it’s kind of uncomfortable to sit halfway off the edge. Oh well, it’s her house – I’m just living in it. My mom’s cat Iggy is basically her big sister. I take Roxy with me when I go to Louisiana, and after a great deal of time and patience, Iggy and Roxy get along pretty well… most of the time. We do have to keep them in separate rooms while they eat though, or Roxy will wolf down all of her food, then eat Iggy’s. She’s a shockingly good road trip companion, most likely because she gets scraps of whatever I buy to snack on while we’re on the road.
Kids? I don’t have them, and intend to keep it that way. My lifestyle isn’t really compatible with raising a kid. After all, being on the road all the time is no environment for one to grow up in, and also tends to consume a fair bit of money. Also, I like having nice things. My dad had plenty of them – a sailboat, a small plane, and scuba gear for starters. He had to give all of those things up once I came along. Honestly, that just sounds like an awful tradeoff to me.
I’ve managed to mention it a few times already, but finally, road trips are an important part of my life as well. I live hundreds of miles away from my family, but I still try to visit for at least one week every month if I can. Various events in my life forced me not to do so this month, but my brother has an important birthday coming up, and I’m sure as hell not going to miss that! I tend to spend most of my time either here or with family, though I do enjoy taking other trips when my finances allow it. I spent two weeks in Houston this year, and would like to move either there or to San Antonio once my lease is up. I also have a lifelong goal of visiting all fifty states. I’d imagine this will largely coincide with one of my other goals once the pieces come together – buying an RV. I have a friend who’s a few years younger than I am who has already completed this goal. She says Texas is her favorite out of every state, which helps confirm that moving there might turn out pretty well. Granted, it would be pretty nice if their political landscape was less insanely stupid.
I think that serves as a good enough introduction of me. How about you? Who do I hope you are right at this moment, dear reader? Well, for starters, I’m looking for my next relationship. Which instantly raises the next question – Who would I hope for my next relationship to be with? As a straight man, I would hope that you’re a woman. No offense to the other guys reading my post – I get quite a few comments from y’all, and I’m quite flattered that you enjoyed reading it! But I’m afraid I’m just not the one for you.
Next up is another one that tends to be a potential dealbreaker for many. I’m childfree, and while it’s slightly more common on reddit than on other places, it’s still not exactly a mainstream stance to hold. After all, I do admit that we’re fighting billions of years of evolutionary instinct. However, now is just as good a time as any to do so – that evolutionary instinct helped us survive as a species, but the planet seems to be getting a little… crowded? House prices are going up, and wages relative to cost of living are going down. And this seems to correlate with one thing: Population growth. With that being said, I’ve gotten quite a few responses in the past that were along the lines of, “I really resonated with your post, but I want kids someday.” Unfortunately, kids do tend to represent a major adjustment in lifestyle, and they’re just not for me. Much as to the other men reading this post, if you want kids, I’m afraid I’m just not the one for you.
Now that I’ve mentioned things I’m NOT looking for, onto more pleasant things! It was important enough for me to reference in the title of the post, so I’ve been waiting quite awhile to talk about this one even more than I already have! The biggest lesson I’ve learned over the past year or so is that the best memories are made on road trips. Whether it’s introducing someone special to you to a place that’s always been dear to your heart, or discovering somewhere new together, that’s what I live for. And the journey matters just as much as the destination. After all, that brings the opportunity for many rounds of the alphabet game! Fortunately, I’ve been seeing more and more of those XTRA Lease trucks around… Bonus points if you can beat me at it. I may or may not be from a super competitive family and live for competition as well.
As an extension to the above, where am I hoping you live? Previously, I used to seek someone who lived within a couple of hours of Atlanta. I’ve been in long distance relationships before in which I only got to see the other person for a day or so every few months. And well… those kinds of relationships just don’t present the opportunity to make wonderful memories together. Fortunately, my situation has changed so that I work from home now. And I’ve been promised that will continue. This has been the single biggest boon to moving toward the lifestyle I want to be in, and I will quite readily leave my job should that circumstance change. I’m also not planning to stay in Atlanta forever. With that in mind, I’m looking for someone anywhere in the southern US. I essentially have two places I can call home at the moment – Atlanta and Lake Charles. And the states defining the southern US should all be within one travel day of those places. Places on the other side of Texas like El Paso might be a challenge, but… see above. I like challenges.
Life is a journey, and it’s one in which I’ve crossed paths with many people. Some of those people are still in my life. Some are not. And it’s now that time when I seek out someone to be my partner to continue in that journey. Someone who’s my match at many things, not least of those being the alphabet game. And it is now also the end of a journey, with that journey being this post. If you’ve read this far, we’ve already gone on one together! Hopefully it’s the start of many more?
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2021.10.24 18:18 GayAllDay23 Attempting to get a workout in

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2021.10.24 18:18 mylinux2 SSH Server Oracle Linux 8 Installation - Step-by-step

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2021.10.24 18:18 ExplodingPoptarts Decided I'm gonna get an a vr headset when I can afford it, what should I get for it?

I decided that The Walking Dead: Sinners and Saints and Resident Evil 4 VR are reason enough for me to get one when I can afford an Oculus Quest 2. What else should I get for VR?
I mostly am into serious story heavy games with plenty of dialogue. Need good voice acting, and non-improvised scripts.
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  • TLG is a brand new medium sized PvP focused guild, with the objective to dominate the PvP scene while having fun.
  • Our player base consists of veteran players that are always looking for fights and content in the world of Albion.
  • We have a nice community focused on helping each other no matter what the issue.
What we offer:
  • 0% tax
  • T8 regears
  • No mandatory CTA's
  • 18, 21, 00, 06 timezones
  • TONS of PvP content such as roads, outposts, ganking, castles & much more!!!
Interested in joining? Here are our requirements:
  • 10mil PVE fame or 1mil PVP fame
  • a good attitude
  • & ready to throw yourself into content.
Message Jaden#6768 in discord!!!
  • BZ AND ROADS HO coming soon!!!
  • 20k season points
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2021.10.24 18:18 Priapus4u HIGH heels!

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2021.10.24 18:18 AndyJ587 NGD: 1987 Greco EG59-70

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2021.10.24 18:18 Beanerbean69 if you know you know

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2021.10.24 18:18 Zeunicorn [Thanks] for choccy almonds!

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