North Salt Lake City Police Chase Reckless Driver - October 16, 2021

2021.10.24 19:30 DroneEpicOne North Salt Lake City Police Chase Reckless Driver - October 16, 2021

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2021.10.24 19:30 impending_empoleon Is mobile viable for competitive if you’re serious about it?

Ever since mobile dropped I’ve preferred the mobile controls over Switch. I’ve just found it easier to wrap my head around them during heated situations. I really wanna start getting serious about ranked. Is it worth it to grind on mobile and try to get good?
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2021.10.24 19:30 Acc_commercial Discord of her??

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2021.10.24 19:30 Agreeable-Treacle-32 Classes C/NC

Anyone know if classes can still be taken C/NC and if departments will still give credit towards major completion for using that grading basis?
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2021.10.24 19:30 Joe-Robot2004 Can I play with a friend who has fo76 on steam if I have it on gamepass for PC?

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2021.10.24 19:30 Valjean444 Another example of how John Yates AATT-N troll op to take down AT2 with lies backfired. Every last YT from friends of AT2, AT2's enemies, and people who liked Yates like Timster is calling this out for what it is - a smear campaign

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2021.10.24 19:30 Next-Palpitation-614 is this a bed bug?

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2021.10.24 19:30 joergensmoergen69 3rd person shooting system help

So i followed a 10 part tutorial twice and it doesnt work, the moment i add the thing i want to shoot i come across a lot of problems that i simply do not understand. I have been struggling with this for a week trying out everything i could think off so if anyone feels like helping that would be much appreciated. Thanks
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2021.10.24 19:30 Yesnt72 My dog wont go inside his dog house

I have a dog which is an outside dog and it has been storming since yesterday but he wont go into his dog house. I have worried for him but I just dont know what to do to get him warm.
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2021.10.24 19:30 E21A1 Next Week's Featured Alliance 5 Point Character & PvP Arena Reward

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2021.10.24 19:30 throwaway76282618 Looking to form real friendships

Looking for hopefully long term friendships. I like running, video games, movies and tv, swimming and meeting new people. I’m looking for a real friendship to develop and hopefully we can move to snap/discord. I’m 24 btw
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2021.10.24 19:30 Zarathustraha KuCoin encourages theft? Why is KuCoin based in the Seychelles?

Due to my issues with KuCoin being responsible for the negligent loss/theft of a ton of money through their system, I have reached out to Seychelles police and they have said they will not listen to any complaints about KuCoin and that I would have to call Interpol. They have literally moved to a country that will allow them to steal users money with no consequences. Johnny Lyu makes all of these statements to the public about the safety of his system, but in my experience and everyone I have spoken to, you are lucky if they respond. If they do, they completely ignore the fact that your money is gone.
Moving to a jurisdiction where no one can recover their money which is an important detail to spread to potential users.
Please reach out to me if you have had support issues as theft/liquidations. I am working with the SEC and lawyers to understand how many people have been hurt by them.
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2021.10.24 19:30 thismysoj What Technology Seems Futuristic But Could Likely Happen In Your Lifetime?

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2021.10.24 19:30 sadKNIGHTTEMPLAR ashen walkers story (give feedback or so help me Emperor )

The Ashen Walkers are a non-Codex compliant chapter of unknown founding although there are rumors that they were founded somewhere after the 26th and before the Ultima founding, The Ashen Walkers are rumored to be a successor chapter of the Dark Angels or Raven Guard chapters. Their emblem is that of a sword and bow crossing in a x shape.
The Ashen Walkers are unique in the fact that they have their home planet on a feudal world called Derchrios (same in low gothic) located in the Glorvara system which has led to a chivalric sense in the chapter. The chapters name comes from Derchiros’s atmosphere which is constantly covered in ash which has led to the pink armor of the Ashen being covered in ash, however while the armor is covered in ash their weapons are not unless the Astartes are veterans of great campaigns who will deliberately cover their weapons in ash, this practice is applied to all vehicles and space craft no matter what however. This habit separates them from other chapters who see this practice as strange and illogical since many believe this will lead to jamming in the weapons, so far this has proven false as not any weapon jams have been traced to the ash that covers their weapons, another interesting fact about the chapter is the little to no use of the terminator armor with the only recorded use of terminator armor being the Flametongue Marius Lavdiater, the chapter master of the Ashen Walkers, counteracting this is the wide use of dreadnoughts with rumors saying the chapter has 250 dreadnoughts in use and a chapter wide number of at least 2500 Astartes blatantly violating the Codex Astartes but much like most chapters rumored to violate the 1000 limit no evidence has been found to support this claim by the inquisitors who investigate this chapter.
The chapter’s combat style is pretty simple relying on a handful of dreadnoughts to destabilize a enemy position before assaulting it usually through the use of Assault Intercessors supported by dreadnoughts. Although this tactic has changed widely since their founding as they have begun to use more bolter and plasma rifle armed Astartes over Assault Marines which can be traced back to the devastating defeat at the battle of Calbvinu’s Break where the Ashen Walkers were ambushed by the Traitor Crimson Slaughter Warband further facilitating their hatred towards them. resulting in the loss of all assault intercessors and the destruction of the 1st company who fought to save the rest of their chapter, the 1st company would later be redesignated into a company exclusively formed of dreadnoughts although tech marines would serve in order to support and maintain their dreadnoughts. the losses at Calbvinu's Break would not be replaced until the Ultima Founding in which the new Primaris Astartes were welcomed into their rank.
The Chapter’s obsession with dreadnoughts can also be linked to Calbvinu’s Break as the “survivors” of Calbvinu’s Break were put into stasis as the chapter built new dreadnoughts for those who needed them and for the first-time requested support from the Mechanicus who supplied them 160 dreadnoughts over 700 years . When it comes to the use of other vehicles The Walkers ironically use very little preferring to use infantry rather than any heavy vehicles, this includes the mighty Land Raider of which the chapter own only 1 since the lack of terminators negates the need for a super heavy troop carrier although even the Rhino and Razorback are sparce. The Ashen fleet however does not follow this trend as they feature a large navy although most of it is strike cruisers and a single mobile fortress called the Reclaimer although it is rarely used outside of Large Campaigns
When it comes to other Astartes Chapters, The Ashen are particularly isolated from them and rarely fight alongside the other Astartes Chapters, this feeling also extends to Imperial Regiments however they will gladly fight alongside Knight houses as a result of their home being on a Feudal world. It should be noted that although they prefer to fight alone, they will accept help from other Astartes Chapters, if necessary, the exception being the Brazen Claws chapter who they gladly fight alongside of. A notable rival of the Ashen is the Destroyers Chapter who they dislike for their savagery in battle.
The Ashen Recruitment method is a different than most since they use tournaments to recruit. These tournaments are held by the people of Derchrios, the specific tournament used to recruit is the one that honors Calbvinu’s Break in which the Participants who show great strength, courage and leadership are the ones chosen which can and cannot include the winners however the reasons for inducting one can be for different reasons it usually involves one of the stated 3. Once chosen the possible recruits are given a daunting challenge to start, then they are divided into teams and given one of two tasks the first is to hunt a Snaggarei Draque a 4-winged beast that sports blades that can come from it’s wings. This task involves hunting and bringing back one of the blades from the Draque which will become their future ebony sword, the blade used in place of chainswords and power swords. The second task is seen as the more daunting which involves defeating 3 veteran Walkers in battle. Here the recruits and veterans are put into the Lyzandrian Labyrinth, a custom-built arena filled with the primitive weapons of Derchrios, all rendered non-lethal yet still harmful. Once the recruits are prepared, they must begin the arduous task of taking down the veterans who are all equipped with a primitive club to defeat the recruits, more than enough to defeat even the most properly equipped group. If the recruits win, they are given the choice to choose a Draque blade to be forged into a Ebony sword which will feature a unique symbol to show that they beat the Veterans while those who hunted the Draque have their own unique symbol on their blade (the hunters get a Draque head on their blade while those who’ve defeated the Veterans get ash covered Astartes head on theirs). This method of recruiting has led to the rumors of the 2500+ chapter, since every recruit of a team who passes is inducted and become part of the 10th company led by Rex (captain) LeVarca Astoli who earned his place during the War for Omnius Palace in which he managed to regroup a squad of Ash Bringers and man-at-arms of the knight house Reveria and turn back a tide of the Crimson Slaughter Warband saving the Chapter’s Fortress-Monastery and the Planet from Chaos, while the majority of the chapter was on a Casanir (Crusade). The 10th company are armed with their ebony swords and a bolt pistol, plasma pistol or neo-volkite pistol, which depends on the users choice. The 10th company is also the only company to use Assault intercessors as each member is one, the warbands (large squads of 30, a Gresir is a standard squad and also the name for a pack of Drauques) are led by a Vifar (lieutenant) while a Gresir is led by a Crusa ( sergeant), the 10th company usually operate alongside the 1st company who bear no rank except that of Rex which is held by Rex Lucamir Kesair who is spotted by his dreadnought covered in fragments of Chaos Marine armor which he got from crushing them during the War for Omnius palace which should be noted took place before Calbvinu’s Break and Lucamir was a Vifar of the 2nd company at the time who had stayed behind to recover from wounds before the Casanir, he used his Laris Warhammer made from the scales of a Elderly Draque (their scales harden with age) to crush any Crimson Slaughter who approached where the gene seed and severely wounded were located. The injuries Lucamir suffered led to his interment into his dreadnought and his legendary Warhammer “Crimson Eater” can be found on his left dreadnought arm crushing those who oppose him.
The organization of the Ashen Walkers as expected does not follow the Codex Astartes and they use different titles for standard roles along with having their own titles for unique roles
Standard ranks
Flametongue: the chapter master of The Ashen Walkers currently and only ever been held by Flametongue Marius Lavdiater both in charge of The Ashen Walkers and the planet of Derchrios alongside the house leader of the Reveria, the Flametongue is also the only user of Terminator Armor
Rex: captain of one of the ten companies. Each captain except the captain of the 1st company uses a enhanced version of the standard power amor referred to as Limfaire Amor by those who know about it
Vifar: Lieutenants who lead the warbands of the chapter and are also put in charge in the defense of
Omnius Palace during the Ashen Gauntlet
Crusa: sergeants who lead the Gresir use the same equipment as the rest of their squad except that their armor showcases the chapter’s symbol with wings sprouting from the sides
Unique Ranks
Brujo: the librarians of the chapter
Macinista: tech marines
Greisr lefj : a member of the squad second to the Gresir
Sanitas: the Apothecaries of the Chapter
Dikera: the Heavy weapons specialist of the chapter commonly seen with flamers, heavy bolters and Lisaq(a modified multi barreled Las cannon)
Vijarian: the Guard of the Flametongue use the same enhanced armor as a Rex and only uses melee weapons
Does not use chaplains in the company
Concilo Ashi : the Flametongue and his Vijarian who also act as advisors to him
1st Company: formerly a company of Terminators before it’s destruction now led by Rex Lucamir Kesair and solely composed of Dreadnoughts with some Macinista to maintain them. To date the 1st company has never been deployed at all it’s might with the most being 30 dreadnoughts at once
2nd Company led by Rex Feriak Hesours commonly housing the Draque Cazadore a elite group who specialize in heavy warfare
3rd Company led by Rex Asari Asanu Made up of the Ash Bringers who guard the Omnius Palace and are rarely seen in combat where they excel in urban warfare
4th Company led by Rex Nulare Gevista uses the vehicles of the chapter although they spend most of their time in the Glorvara system defending Derchrios but when deployed they unleash their full armored might of vehicles
5th Company led by Rex Jio Reveria unique in the fact that the entire company is composed of those from House Reveria although none are ever synced to a Knight. Only uses the Reverian style of battle
6th Company led by Rex Lucius Qisaw composed entirely of the Brujos with some Standard Astartes mixed in
7th Company led by Rex Javi Zeriph Standard Company formerly housed the majority of Assault Intercessors
8th Company led by Rex Pioas Pikeas support company composed of the Sanitas and some Dikera
9th Company led by Rex Jerias Fulgria the 2nd Largest Company in the chapter using standard Astartes units armed with plasma rifles and Bolters
10th Company led by Rex LeVarca Astoli all new recruits are located here and all are also assault intercessors using their ebony swords
Knight Auxliaros Led by the heir to House Reveria Isavela Reveria. Regiment of House Reveria Men-at-arms who accompany the chapter on any Casanir as a infantry detachment with it’s own artillery and supplies.
The Ashen Gauntlet is a tradition among the Chapter to test the Vifar’s skill. The Vifar are charged with defending the Omnius Palace from 500 Astartes (and on rare occasion a Custodes too) from other chapters who volunteer to participate, the Vifar are given 250 Astartes from the Ashen Walkers to defend with (150 new recruits, 25 Standard Astrates and 25 Santias with the last 50 being of their own choosing however Rexs and Gresir are not allowed). The Vifar must use these men to protect a artifact for a solar month either by making sure it’s not taken for the whole month or by capturing all 500 “enemy” Astartes. Those who win are given the chance to improve any part of their gear while those who lose gain nothing. Since the tradition began only 20 of the 3000 Gauntlets run have ever been won.
Notable People
Flametongue Marius Lavdiater: current and only Chapter master of the Ashen Walkers, only user of Terminator armor in the chapter. He is renowned for his skill with Great Ebony sword “Rose Beauty” taking down 3 chaos champions in single combat (not all at once).
Rex Lucamir Kesair: Captain of the 1st company and responsible for saving the chapter’s severely wounded and their gene seed during the war for Omnius Palace.
Rex Feriak Hesours: Founder of the Draque Cazadore and a specialist in heavy and siege warfare as a result of his study from the Imperial Fists. Saved the Sanctum of Resolution (home of Knight house Reveria) during the war for Omnius Palace earning his promotion to Rex and later founding the Draque Cazadore.
Rex Asari Asanu: Guardian of Omnius palace and one of the only Astartes to win the Ashen gauntlet in which he upgraded his bolter called “Emperor’s Guiding Hand” even more impressive was his win streak of 7 all which went towards upgrading his bolter making it weapon of true destruction..
Rex Nulare Gevista: A former Macinista who became Rex of the 4th company through his use of the land raider during the Hejara Massacre saving most of his company except the former Rex who bought time by charging the enemy line.
Rex Jio Reveria: A Member of House Reveria who chose to join the Ashen Walkers instead of becoming a pilot for one of the Knights. Distinguished himself during the Mournful Casanir where he crushed a heretic Astartes ship in a masterfully executed boarding action..
Rex LeVarca Astoli: Fought Bravely during the War for Omnius Palace stopping a massive charge by the Crimson Slaughter Warband after he regrouped some Ash Bringers and Reveria men-at-arms saving the planet of Derchiros from falling to Chaos.
Rex Commenous Isaqra: The former Rex of the 4th company who charged the enemy line to buy time for the rest of his men to survive his body was interred into the Ash Livana.
Vifar Jerisaz Alevinsa: Vifar who won 2 Ashen Gauntlets. He was killed at the start of the War for Omnius Palace in which his Warband was ambushed and slaughtered but he managed to get a signal to the the Omnius Palace warning them of the invasion.
Vifar Isarian Soalr: led a strike force to save a squad of recruits during Isharia Casanir was promoted to the Vijarian for this deed
Known Campaigns(WIP)
Crimson Hatred(WIP)
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2021.10.24 19:30 dkp219 21 [M4F] New England/Northeast US. Introvert Seeks Forever Partner.

If you were to mix a math nerd, a bookworm, and a metalhead together... you’d get me! From that, you may — correctly — infer that I’m also a bit of a homebody. Don’t take that to mean I’m opposed to going out to eat or exploring nature though! I love to hike and find cool mushrooms, I just don’t like to eat them!
I consider myself somewhat of a budding chef and baker, at least in the sense that I’m willing to cook almost anything, and haven’t poisoned myself or burnt down my apartment yet.
I don’t game very often, and rarely — if ever — drink/party, but I do enjoy some sort of physical exercise every other day or so, drawing truly horrible pictures, and slowly trying to educate myself on creating genetic modifications for plants (like making mushrooms taste decent!).
Ideally, I’m looking for something cute, romantic, monogamous, and eternal. Aside from that, I have relatively few esoteric requirements. Primarily, I want you to live in some part of the northeastern US. I’m closest to Vermont (VT) or New Hampshire (NH), so within ~4hrs driving distance would be great. Due to previous conversations, please be single, literate, a nonsmoker, drug free, and educated!
When you’re comfortable with it, I’d love to exchange pics. For reference, I’m 5’11”, white, slim, and wear glasses.
If this ad is still up, I’m still looking! Please feel free to reach out to me at any time via chat or PM.
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2021.10.24 19:30 BeautifulMoose528 What are y'alls opinions on maintenix?

I saw a post on here about it earlier and I was curious to everyones thoughts on it.
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2021.10.24 19:30 johnrock001 Top 10 Witch Anime Recommendations

Top 10 Witch Anime Recommendations -
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