Slate Reel from the latest short film (SO,THANKS?) on YouTube 🎬

2021.10.24 20:07 giantpimp111 Slate Reel from the latest short film (SO,THANKS?) on YouTube 🎬

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2021.10.24 20:07 Drewtendo My wife likes Kapipi and wanted me to try to pull Noenne for him. I want my wife to be with me for every pull from now on!

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2021.10.24 20:07 dix_malloy I literally find a wife who wants to watch frasier reruns with me every night. If y’all are that one dm me lol. I’m a fine ass islander lookin dude too.

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2021.10.24 20:07 houseofdoors1 Help Please!

Hi everyone, I have a rhino model that I made using primarily grasshopper to form some unique geometry, and it has now come time for me to 3D print it! I’ve been running into immense issues, because I don’t know grasshopper well and it seems like a lot of the geometry I created has intersecting open surfaces. I was wondering if anyone knew a good work around for this? I’ve tried booleaning it with no luck. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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2021.10.24 20:07 Traditional-Ad7336 Muta Meme King

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2021.10.24 20:07 Marie0321 Boyfriend talking to Ex

I’m not sure who/where else to turn to and figured this would provide me with the best, unbiased information. Previously I was in a very toxic relationship for six years where I was lied to, cheated on, abused, etc. I was able to gather the courage to end that relationship. I was emotionally drained and out of the relationship before we officially broke up.
After three months, I found an incredible person who is very respectful and says he hopes we are long term and sees me in his future. He has only dated 2 other people before with the first person being together for 6 years (broke up because her family did not accept him because he is asian) and the second one being together for a year but broke up because they lost attraction for another and fizzled out to only staying friends.
He has no contact with his first ex, but still talks to his second ex (they broke up two months ago, we have been dating for a month). He says he trusts her, values her opinion, and cares about her well being so he stays in touch with her and values their friendship. It worries me that because they only broke up two months ago that maybe there are still some left over feelings.
I also fear I am projecting my past traumas onto this new relationship. I want to trust him with his ex, but from my past experience only experienced pain from that. I don’t want him to block her and then we start building a false sense of trust where we have to block people, etc. but I also don’t want to be constantly worried about this and hurting.
I’m not quite sure what to do and would appreciate any advice.
Thank you all in advance.
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2021.10.24 20:07 __dasha__ Grayscale says they will eventually open up a BAT ETF

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2021.10.24 20:07 SeveredOblivion Made a Bolas Tribal. Because Why Not?

Hello EDH family,

Recently I was toying around with making a tribal deck with one of my favorite PW. I ultimately decided on Nicol Bolas, for no real reason except I think he's cool and dragons are dope. I tried to limit the cards to cards with his name in, his iconography or even flavor text. I will admit a few lands and a mana rock are two are only selected because they were in the Archenemy set with his horns/gem as the set symbol. I didn't want my mana base to be too bad so I made some "tweaks" to my rules.

Have a look and drop me some thoughts if I missed something or just to talk about our fallen brother, Nicol Bolas.

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2021.10.24 20:07 Overr_Seerr Has anyone tried activating a unlocked iphoneSE2020 from BOOST on the AN SIM?

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2021.10.24 20:07 blowrunner420 Mega Absol on me 049586361757

0495 8636 1757
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2021.10.24 20:07 zsmithworks Real estate developer with ties to Taylor mayor pleads guilty to bribery conspiracy - Detroit Free Press

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2021.10.24 20:07 Impossible_Sir3174 What can a dental hygienist advance to other than being a dentist? Is it normal for practices to want you to have a masters?

I’m considering DH as a career and looked up some jobs in my area. I saw just a handful of dental practices require a masters degree. Is this normal? I thought at most you would need a bs. It also got me thinking if a DH did get a masters what else can they do, does the masters advance their scope of practice?
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2021.10.24 20:07 Freezo3 SVG animation > Any film format

TL;DR: If this was discussed extensively before, please point me to the source. If not, here it is:
This is what I think and therefore I ask: why was MLP G4 delivered in rastered ("pixeled") format instead of vector animation?
I may already know the answer but I want to check it for sure with you guys. So the main reasons according to me are:

  1. All filmed media were made in rastered formats therefore TV decoders weren't made to decode anything else so MLP had to be compatible with them.
    1. Maybe decoders weren't powerful enough to output even basic 24 FPS out of vector animation?
  2. Maybe rasters where more lightweight than vectors? I doubt that, but can some one educate me on this one?
  3. With the "choppiness" of 24 FPS our brains fill in the gaps thus make the show look better.
The 1. reason is the strongest - it basically eliminates any possibilities of realization of such project. I cant prove or disprove points 1.1 and 2. so I'd be grateful if you helped me with those. I have watched many materials about the advantages and benefits of normal (low) frame animations (which apply of course to MLP G4) , so about the 3. point, but after watching some vector animations made by MLP-VectorClub I was amazed by the crispness of the image and smoothness of the animation at the same time.
Except already stated questions I have few more:
  1. How was MLP G4 generated? Was each frame designed separately in a vector form and then converted to raster images? Or was there a vector animation od a whole which was than converted to a raster animation because rendering a vector animation in real time was too GPU-intense for computers back then? If second part is true than is there a way to get some of those animations from Hasbro?
  2. Where there at any point of time any plans to make vector versions of G4 episodes?
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2021.10.24 20:07 PowerDev_ My databrawl character he is The Source Code

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2021.10.24 20:07 zsmithworks From the Mailbag: Fruitland schools' culture problem, as always, is rooted in leadership - Ontario Argus Observer

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2021.10.24 20:07 skySkinny Not Chicago related but how much y’all pay 4 haircuts in ur city?

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2021.10.24 20:07 unoreversethanos Currents best album

I'd usually say lonerism but I decided to sit down and listen to currents for the first time in ages in full tonight as I was feeling down.
Jesus christ I remember why I listened to this album on repeat for a week when I got rejected by this girl I rly liked
Just what an album, it may not have any particularly stand out songs but the whole over arcing theme of the album and general mood is so good. Truly the Kid A of tame impala.
Just my 2cents for those interested ig lmao And if ur feeling like wallowing in ur own sadness for 45 minutes and you haven't listened to currents in a while, do it!
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2021.10.24 20:07 Bender8121 How long to wait to get new promo after paying off the EIP?

I just paid off my phone because I would like to take advantage of new phone promo. T-Mobile representative said I need to wait until next billing cycle for the remaining credits to move to the account level and then I should get the new promo on that line. Does this sound right? Does anyone have experience doing this?
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2021.10.24 20:07 Linastra Confusing Orochimaru and Orichalcum every time I read it :l

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2021.10.24 20:07 bryleethestarwarsfan Opinions on this editorial style photo???

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2021.10.24 20:07 Plane-Neighborhood58 Looking for advice &/or encouragement

Whatsup ya'll. I've had a really rough past couple days mentally and I'd like to see some of ya'll's opinions on my situation.
I met a girl 8 months ago through mutual friends and we met by doing a fun activity with a group of people. This girl was gorgeous and I could tell she really liked me, but I wasn't interested due to things happening in my personal life.
(Backstory of myself: I am 19 and started a successful company in the health, fitness, & mental health industry. So I take my health and my circle (relationships,friends,etc) very seriously)
She slid in my dm's a few days later and I short with her (not flirty) and this caused her to pursue me more and her interest in me to go up even more.
I ended up taking her on a fun date and the date was a blast because she made it very easy to be around and she was hilarious so it made it easy to connect.
So we kept going on amazing dates and having a great time together.
During this time, I realized multiple red flags (highly insecure, extreme jealousy, family history of cheating, drastic mood swings, spending habits $, lazy, drug addictions, etc) BUT I proceeded believing that I could help this girl because she was beautiful and to be honest I enjoyed her company and someone to love.
They say men and women can hide themselves for the first 90days of a relationship... I'd say this is pretty damn accurate😂
After the 3month mark the red flags became more apparent (mood swings intensified, drug habits worsened, etc)
I kept proceeding in the relationship being there for her, and trying everything I could to help her.
I believe she started to see my willingness to help her as weakness (the high insecurities she had) and she started to treat me very rudely.
One time I took her out of town on a weekend trip, and I stood there in shock after hearing her say "you do what I tell you to do" after telling me to do something for her.
These crazy instances happened more than once.
Finally I got to the point where I had had enough. After another one of her mood swings I told her we need to go on a week long break. We did but afterwards I let my emotions get the best of me and I told her I understand she is going through a rough time so I want to stick it through with her (Bitch move on my part I know.)
She agreed and we spent the night like nothing had happened. She started acting strange the next day and after a date 3 days later she broke up with me. (It was crazy to me how she could hold it in that she was going to breakup with me after the date, during the entire date)
After giving her a shot, looking past the red flags, and then proceeding to help her through her hard times she's been facing, it left me confused and hurt.
I know I definitely let emotions get the better of me and I should be very thankful that we're not together, but it's been almost 2 months and we haven't said a word to each other.
I truly miss the good times we had and someone to love on and take on amazing dates.
What are ya'll's thoughts? I know I deserve better but I do miss her at times....
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2021.10.24 20:07 askwatermelon What was the one action you took that changed your life for better or worse?

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2021.10.24 20:07 savinkirillnick Madden NFL '94 (SNES) Music

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2021.10.24 20:07 Impster5453 Why do you think your particular clique is better than another? (Are country folk really beneath you?)

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2021.10.24 20:07 buckphif What is a legacy and what makes a item legacy rather than legendary

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