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2021.12.03 13:29 EarConstant6314 New Band! New Track!

[Routine Fuss Bandcamp](
Hey y’all! A new project of mine named Routine Fuss dropped our first song today! We are from Chicago, IL. stemming from punk influences, a whole lotta that good Chicago Emo, loud distorted guitar, not great singing, and a whole lot of feelings to get out. Check out the new track at our Bandcamp! Thanks so much.
The EP will be out Feb 11th, 2022 and I will be releasing another single or two before then, in the meantime feel free to give us a listen, thanks!
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2021.12.03 13:29 at_kafa Bir audin varsa!Yapacağın en iyi şey, alp dağlarına bakarak Rize turist çayı içmektir :)))

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2021.12.03 13:28 drahamiku I overcame my depression and went for a hike :) It's the small things.

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2021.12.03 13:28 poes_the_cattus Queen be like

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2021.12.03 13:28 Thejapanther ULTRAMAN TRIGGER: NEW GENERATION TIGA Special Episode "Blooming Flowers of Evil" -Official- Discussion Thread

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2021.12.03 13:28 Global_Royal_7850 Should Jordan be put in a situation with Sarah forcing him to reveal his powers?

I was asking myself this question recently and I personally think it should happen. First off Sarah didn’t get an explanation on why Jordan got taken. I know a tv show will ignore logic especially one about a superhero but if I was Sarah I’d still wonder what happened. I also think that the scene of them at the end of ep 15 was reminiscent of Clark showing Lois his powers (foreshadowing maybe?) They could do a scene similar to the bus scene in Man of Steel if Jordan gets stronger (judging by the recent workout pics he could be.) Sarah could see him lift the bus out and they have a fight after. I know telling Sarah would cause complications but she seems trustworthy. We could then see Jordan debating if he should tell Jon or his Dad that Sarah knows. Idk let me know do you think he should be forced to tell her or not?
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2021.12.03 13:28 jookco Sir Antony Sher Death - Dead - Obituary News : We're very saddened to hear of the passing of acclaimed actor, painter and writer, Sir Antony Sher, Click link to read full story.

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2021.12.03 13:28 subscibersforhire I am no longer baby i want power

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2021.12.03 13:28 Shots___ My Initial Boss Tierlist (Based on Quality)

My Initial Boss Tierlist (Based on Quality) Yo! So a few days ago I beat the only bosses I had yet to fight (Shura ending+Inner Owl after I got the gauntlet) and decided to make this. Keep in mind that I probably don't know everything about these bosses and these can be considered my "first impressions" (I've only played through the game in its entirety twice, since I practically speedran to unlock an ending for the final gauntlet I needed lol. It is highly subject to change in the future.

I'm sorry for the border on most of the images being wack lol.
  • S Tier: Even if every other boss in the game sucked, I would play the game solely to fight them again.
  • A Tier: Amazing bosses that I look forward to on every playthrough.
  • B Tier: Good fights.
  • C Tier: Meh/Decent/Inoffensive or whatever other term you want to use for "they exist I guess".
  • D Tier: Obnoxious and/or boring fights.
  • F Tier: The only boss fights to genuinely piss me off.
Bosses listed in the same tier are listed in no particular order, and this is the general outline I use for any and all quality-based boss lists.
I decided to split A tier into three tiers here since it would look messy and overcrowded otherwise. A- are the ones I could make an argument to move down to B tier while A+ are effectively pseudo-S tiers. Also, I consider Emma and Genichiro to be the effective first phase of both Isshin and SSI respectively, since you have to fight them back-to-back in the normal game. Emma's moveset in particular is more or less a warmup for Isshin's first phase as well, so it makes sense to me to consider it as such. I've included them in this template in case you don't agree with that ideology, though.
Anyways, my thoughts for each boss are below (massive wall of text).
S Tier:
Sword Saint Isshin:
Genichiro is a complete joke and that is fully the intention. Sekiro drawing out his sword quickly and with confidence is a testament to that and meant to show just how powerful and skilled Sekiro has become.
I am going to assume the rest has been explained to death at this point, but the progression in Sword Saint's fight is a culmination of almost everything in the game. Mixes of long and short strings of combos? Check. Thrusts and perilous attacks to keep you on your toes? Check. Both long and short-range options? Check. Posture bar and health that makes sense for the endgame to reward you with keeping aggression and deflecting blows? Check. PULLING OUT A GUN. CHECK.
Not only that, but it manages to mix some spectacle into the fight via the building music and weather in the fight, ending with the lightning deflection in phase 3 to completely obliterate his existence. It is a harmonious combination of many styles of enemies you have fought throughout the game, and to show that Sekiro has become the master Isshin always wanted him to be. He doesn't even really want to kill you and just wants to give you a vibe check before you defeat him, accepting his death with honor.
Inner Sword Saint Isshin:
Literally everything I said for Sword Saint mechanics-wise. I could maybe argue the lack of story impact detracts from the fight but I kind of find it silly to put him in a lower tier lol.
He also adds two new attacks, one with the mortal blade in phase 1 and another combo in phase 2. The mortal blade combo will flinch you back far enough to where you'll get hit by an AoE if you deflect it normally, which I admit is kinda annoying, but it has such a long windup you can run out of its range or you can use the umbrella to deflect it instead for a juicy counterattack. The phase 2 combo starts with a perilous attack, followed by a vertical swing of the spear as Isshin jumps into the air, which you have to jump and deflect in the air. It will then end with either a windslash or a thrust that you can counter. I really like this additional attack, as it adds another layer of complexity to an already diverse move pool via needing you to deflect in the air rather than grounded gameplay.
But yeah, it's not all that different from Sword Saint outside of that (I think he's a bit more aggressive as well but I'm not for sure). One of the best fights I've ever done still remains an amazing fight when redoing it.
True Corrupted Monk:
Firstly, the setting and atmosphere. It takes place in one of the simplest but most beautiful arenas in the game, with the sakura petals dancing on the bridge when the True Corrupted Monk sweeps across the floor. It's almost calming in the first phase after she strikes that fabulous pose of hers before the theme becomes more and more frantic as you progress into her farther phases with her illusions and the centipede bursting out of her as she also becomes faster and more erratic with her combos. Accompanied by the increased laughter as she attacks faster and faster makes it more and more frantic to kill her as fast as possible.
Secondly, her actual mechanics. She's got it all: sweeps, thrusts, swings, perilous attacks, backhops, multiple short and long combos, you name it. Deflecting the multiple illusions coming at you in phase 2 is superbly fun and all of these combos become snappier the farther into the fight. For example, her overhead slam comes out slowly in phases 1 and 2, but in phase 3 it comes out in a near-instant. She even gets some more variation via the centipede barfing attacking in phase 3, which while I think terror is a bs mechanic you can easily avoid this by sidestepping quickly and reading the tell correctly.
Thirdly, she actively rewards you for doing what the game has been actively pushing you towards this whole time: using EVERYTHING at your disposal. Firecrackers stun her for a significant amount of time, snap seeds delete the illusions from existence, shurikens or the spear can keep up pressure if she distances herself, the umbrella can nullify a lot of pressure from her attacks, and the axe/flame can apply easy posture damage in a relatively short time. You can even get a cheeky stealth blow in if you use the arena to your advantage by going up to the tallest tree when she kneels down to use her illusions. While I could argue all of this is "cheese", the game has outright told you that you should be using as many underhanded tactics to win as possible, and none of these are really AI exploitation as much as they are using all of these tools at your disposal.
Finally, it fixed the problem I had with the original fight, which was a comically high posture bar and regeneration. Her posture bar and regeneration feel far more balanced in this fight while still encouraging both deflect and vitality damage. The variations in timings and moves in each phase to make the fight not one, potential drawn-out slog makes that all the better.
In short, True Corrupted Monk is pretty much the culmination of everything the game has been about up until that point. The only downside I can list is so easily mitigated that it's almost irrelevant (i.e. I don't like terror but you can sidestep it easily in this fight). Genuinely the best moment in this game for me was when I concluded this dance of ours and moved onto yet another beautiful area in the game.
A+ Tier:
Isshin Ashina:
I like how Emma is effectively a tutorial for phase 1 Isshin, since their movesets are super similar in these two phases. It makes sense to, since Emma was trained by Isshin, and is far less adapt in her usage of the blade than Isshin and only has a "passing interest in it". She is competent with it, but she is no match for Sekiro at this point in the game. I love how despite this she tries to do so anyways, perfectly encapsulated by the music and her explaining she wanted to kill a demon (which Sekiro now is) earlier. This gets even better when Sekiro smiles before fighting Isshin, showing how much of a monster he's become to enjoy clowning on Emma.
But fuck Emma's grab attack. I swear to god this grab attack reaches across the space-time continuum and always hits me no matter what I try and do. Isshin's grab attack is a bit better since he doesn't travel as far with it (though the vertical hitbox is bigger due to his stature and all) but Emma's grab reach is insane.
Anyways, Isshin literally is on his death bed but is more than willing to give you the work with his combos. His first phase moveset is pretty much the same as SSI, which I had fought before him, with the exception of the grab and his ability to casually step to the side of your blows. The second phase is super interesting though with the added fire effects forcing you to sidestep rather than deflect, and one mind is terrifying if you don't interrupt him prior to it. It doesn't feel unfair once you realize this and it makes for an exciting, final duel.
Inner Owl Father:
Oh my god he can use mist raven. This combined with his whirlwind slash adds so much more variety in his moveset, especially in phase 2 where he goes into super long and flashy combos when he uses mist raven. I like how the owl got a chance to choose between using a perilous attack or an attack you can jump and deflect as well. This is exactly what I envisioned a "true" shinobi duel to be like in this game and I absolutely adore it.
A Tier:
Guardian Ape:
I can not believe a fight with a giant monkey that farts on you before proceeding to take a shit and throw said shit at you is one of the most enjoyable fights in this game.
If I'm going to be honest with you, I originally hated phase 1 Guardian Ape because it just seemed like a lot of attacks you couldn't deflect and punish effectively. That's when I actually tried mixing in a combination of deflect and dodging and holyshit it's so fun. Yeah, the Guardian Ape flails himself at you a lot, but even with how erratic that movement is there are still very clear patterns to his swipes and slams. The large majority of these you can deflect effectively to build up his posture, but there are some attacks, like where he lays on his back, where I prefer to dodge and wait it out.
He also gets stunned momentarily after you attack/deflect him enough that lets you completely chunk his hp, encouraging aggression in the fight. It also just makes perfect sense for a literal animal to fight with no real strategy lol, and that shit cloud maneuver is still one of the funniest attacks in this game.
The main issue I have with phase 1 is the grab attack, though. It's not because of the grab itself or anything, but it's because I 90% of the time seem to get stuck on him when trying to jump so he grabs me anyways LMAO. Entirely my fault I'd assume since I should just be backing up, but yeah it's annoying.
And then there's phase 2. I kinda saw phase 2 coming since his body wasn't disappearing, but I was not ready for my man to pick up the sword as well. His movement becomes much more predictable in this phase and focuses even more on deflection thanks to the sword, and there's just something so satisfying about deflecting all the swipes of the ape and having him stagger after the big vertical slice. The scream's terror can be annoying, but running behind him instead of away easily counters it, not to mention how telegraphed it is in advance once you know it's there. Alternatively, use MY BELOVED UMBRELLA.
But yeah, I just have a great time fighting and deflecting the Ape, since it clearly favors doing both deflection and vitality and then primarily deflection in the second phase. I also forgot to mention being able to use the spear to pull out the centipede in phase 2 or firecrackers in phase 1, which are both nice options to help you out.
Inner Genichiro:
A way faster and smarter Genichiro. His sakura dance will absolutely obliterate your existence if you don't deflect it, and he goes for his bow attacks far more often instead of being effectively deflect locked if you just wail on him. Also, HE DEFLECTS THE LIGHTNING BACK AT YOU IN PHASE 3 LMAO literally playing hot potato. Glad to see Genichiro get some love to effectively make him more mechanically sound outside of being a tutorial for most.
Owl Father:
Great Shinobi Owl except without the poison bombs. While unlocking this fight can be a bit of a pain due to Kuro taking five years to give you the eavesdropped dialogue you need to progress, it more than makes up for it. He still can use firecrackers, shurikens, mikiri counters, and throws in his teleportation with his owl into the mix in the second phase as well. He is also far more aggressive in comparison to his other fight, which makes it a much more exciting bout with Sekiro's perceived idea of his father in his prime.
A- Tier:
Great Shinobi Owl:
The most humbling experience in this game was when I got mikiri countered by my dad.
But really, this is exactly how I expected him to fight, and I love it. Every dirty trick you think you can use, he can probably do better, whether that be firecracker combos, mikiri counter, shurikens, and even those healing and poison bombs thrown into the mix. On top of that, he's still equally as aggressive as you can be and perfectly fits this sense of almost rivalry between the two. What I love about Owl as a character is that even though he has his own agenda of being a complete dick he is willing to lose that agenda if it means dying to his own, even complimenting Sekiro when you kill him in a "fair" duel.
That being said, I despise the poison bombs with every fiber of my being. I know that is the intent but holyshit their AoE is way too large for the size of the arena. Not only that, but he will retreat behind the poison bombs and they last for what seems like forever. God forbid he spams it because you'll effectively be fighting in a swamp at that point. In his defense, at least you can bring antidotes to nullify it, but I still hate it lmao.
Corrupted Monk:
Alright, let's get this out of the way. This gal's built like a tank. Her posture bar and regeneration is astronomically high. While I can appreciate basing a fight more on vitality compared to other fights up until that point in the game, it also felt like damaging her vitality really didn't change how fast the posture depleted just because of how high it is. If the fight were more varied instead of being one, super drawn-out phase, I think it would be a much better fight. Golly gee I wonder what on earth I could be referring to HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.
Regardless, Corrupted Monk finds herself in A tier simply due to how fun even her base moveset is despite this flaw. It feels like a delicate dance of deflections, countering, so on and so forth for each attack. She varies it up with spin-to-win, long strings of combos, thrusts and perilous spins, etc. that just makes it so satisfying to play against.
Demon of Hatred:
I imagine this is by far the most polarizing fight in the game, and I can see why. Compared to almost every encounter in the game, the Demon of Hatred favors movement over deflection far more than any other boss. In some ways, it can feel a bit bullshit having to effectively use an entirely different tactic that the game largely did not encourage up to this point.
However, that is only partially true. I will not deny that the boss favors movement over deflection, but deflection is not rendered irrelevant, especially if you play hyper aggressively. The boss will pull out deflectable attacks if you hug his crotch/ass the majority of the fight, such as the stomps, the head slams, and the punches (the last one is rare but exists, though it's usually when you try to approach him). You still can deflect that four-hit combo pretty easily, though the chip damage is annoying (or just use the umbrella god I love the umbrella).
Naturally, this also makes the boss an adrenaline-pumping experience every time he goes to reposition with his charge attack, since you will be trying your absolute best to catch back up to him to avoid a potential ranged attack. Aside from that fire shotgun attack as well, I find the ranged attacks to just be fun to evade via jumping or sidestepping, and that "jumprope" segment in the third phase is honestly stupid fun.
In other words, I can certainly agree that Demon of Hatred is a weird boss, but I still have a great time fighting him. I think that this weird nature prevents it from being among what I consider the better bosses (who still largely focus on deflection with some sidestepping depending on the attack), but yeah. There's also the obligatory mention of camera nuking itself against large creatures, but I honestly didn't find it to be a big issue due to his windups. Oh, and don't even get me started on how well built up this fight is with the various hints provided by the Sculptor himself for his eventual transformation.
Lady Butterfly:
I have these moments in games that I refer to as "click moments". Generally, it is a moment in a game where I struggle for an extraordinary amount of time in comparison to most of the game on my first playthrough, but ironically takes place in the earlier stages of the game. In fact, it usually is a boss that would be considered easy when looking back on it, yet they were arguably the hardest fights I ever did in my first playthrough. This is because they were the moments where the system of the game, to some degree, "clicked" within my mind. Through this process, I became far better than I would have ever been without them in the game and enjoyed the game far more as a result.
Naturally, I bring this up because this is exactly what happened with me and Lady Butterfly, which was the first boss I fought. I had virtually no upgrades (even for healing, as I guess I'm just blind and didn't even see the first miniboss in the game LOL), which certainly didn't help. She killed me 9 times, which is more than any other boss except for Sword Saint Isshin (22) and Corrupted Monk (13) on my first playthrough. I won't argue that Lady Butterfly is up there as one of the hardest fights, because she isn't, yet she was from an objective perspective of my playthrough.
All of Lady Butterfly's attacks are fair, well telegraphed, and super diverse to fit her fighting style. For example, she has three different options she can use while in the air: jumping backwards while throwing kunai at you, jumping towards you to do a grab attack, or jumping up to crush your skull with a slam. The third of those has a unique animation where she will jump up three times before slamming, which is nice since she has to be so close to you to use it and clearly shows you it's coming. She also adds various projectiles in her approach towards you followed by melee strikes (some of which are perilous), which can largely be deflected.
However, this is slightly changed in phase 2, where she will get butterflies to deal light damage to you that are unblockable in some of her attacks. This is most notable in her wombo combo in this phase, where there are so many butterflies that they will deal significant damage while you try to block the wombo combo. Along with all of the above, she has pretty high posture and posture regeneration. You have to either chip away at her health or play aggressively to ensure she doesn't regenerate overly quickly.
What I think is so amazing about this fight as an early game fight when we combine all this together is not only how important deflecting is, but also how important recognizing enemy patterns and sidestepping/general evasion are as well. You can't be overly aggressive to the point where you try to deflect the wombo combo in its entirety, lest you get hit by butterfly stack, but you also can't try to be overly defensive to the point where you're trying to only bait out "safe" attacks due to the posture regeneration.
This perfect combination between defense and offense I believe is showcased very well in Lady Butterfly's fight as an early game fight, and the reason I fell in love with the game. Hesitation truly is defeat, and if you don't take every opportunity you can with this mix of defense and offense, you will lose (or at least be in for a rough ride lol).
I'd also like to make note of how good Lady Butterfly is at showcasing that you as the player should be using everything at your disposal. The shuriken can be used to interrupt Lady Butterfly in the air, or even chunk her posture bar if you're quick with it, the snap seeds to deal with the illusions in an instant, the axe to...well, chunk her on the ground lol, and even the firecrackers/flame vent (especially with oil) to stagger her for a time.
Now, I know I have just spent a comical amount of effort to shill this fight and why it's so good to me, but there are two very important factors on why I would not argue that Lady Butterfly is the pinnacle of Sekiro despite this.
Firstly, the illusions. Yes, I know I just said you can use snap seeds, but you only get one prior to the fight if you fight Lady Butterfly at the same stage I did. You can't get a good chunk of snap seeds until Ashina Castle, either, which admittedly isn't that far into the game but I find it reasonable to assume it will take a decent bit to get there on a first playthrough if you don't fight Lady Butterfly immediately like me.
The illusions aren't very intuitive design-wise even with that in mind, though. They are more or less standard enemies that happen to appear in a large group, which really has no counter other than stealth (not applicable here) or until you get skills like mortal blade to deal with that. It's kind of boring/annoying just running around and waiting for it to end, not mentioning she gets effectively a free pass to regain all her posture. That being said, I will acknowledge that she will not use it if you constantly maintain offense on her, which I obviously praised earlier.
That directly leads to the more prevalent problem with the fight, though, being Lady Butterfly's absolute potato AI at times. When you attack her, she will a solid 7/10s of the time deflect a blow after a couple hits, go for a kick, you deflect said kick, and then repeat that exact same combo into infinity and beyond. Another 2/10s of the time she will go into the air after that sequence, which you can then use a shuriken to get her to come back down and repeat the exact same thing. The remaining 1/10s of the time she will actually use something different lmao. It can make the fight easy and monotonous to the point where everything I just said can be considered irrelevant. Almost every other boss has a counter to this via moves with a sort of hyperarmor or repositioning that can't be easily interrupted (aside from like firecracker spam I suppose haha, but most bosses have an internal cooldown to that), but not Lady Butterfly.
Despite this, I still greatly respect Lady Butterfly enough for what she taught me to consider her an amazing fight regardless. It's honestly fitting for that to be the case as Sekiro's previous mentor.
^tl;dr if only I put this much effort into the other bosses as well LOL
B Tier:
My name...
Anyways, for what is effectively supposed to be the first fight, I think Gyoubu is pretty cool. He actively encourages you to deflect his attacks to temporarily stun him without flinching, though you can easily get by even if you aren't amazing at deflection yet thanks to him being on his horse. Simple, but good to not be super overbearing for such an early fight. The main issue I have is the camera in his fight can sometimes get real funky, especially when he goes to do his jumping attacks, but other than that it's solid.
Divine Dragon:
It's pretty obvious why the Divine Dragon is cool. I mean, who doesn't want to deflect lightning back at a giant dragon in the clouds? Still, you'll sometimes be waiting a while for lightning to strike a tree for you to deflect back at the dragon, and it's piss easy to dodge/deflect the wind slashes prior to the final combo (and even that's easy at a distance). This makes it lose some engagement value for me since a good portion of the fight will be effectively sitting around, not even mentioning the first phase.
I understand that it is meant to be a spectacle fight, but at the end of the day I just prefer "mechanically sound", if you will, fights. I can appreciate them and generally do enjoy the experience when I do them, but they ultimately are not going to be fights that I will actively want to do repeatedly like that of A tier and above in most circumstances.
Headless Ape:
Lazy, but at least the gank was somewhat balanced this time. Even though the two ape movesets do not complement one another in a 2v1 scenario, the wife is surprisingly passive and can be burst down super quickly if you're smart about it (or just spam firecrackers). You still can get screwed by RNG and forced to run around for eons on end, but that hasn't happened to a noticeable degree for me due to the above. I still enjoy the Ape's moveset individually as well, so even if it is a copy-paste I'm naturally going to have a good time in that regard.
Also, I find the Poison Pool enemy placement changing to be a nice touch. Enemies that were chilling near the huts are now patrolling or keeping watch after their huts got destroyed, along with one of them of course being obliterated by the entrance to the arena. It really adds to that "ah shit here we go again" factor when you see the Ape again.
I think this is where the majority of people had their "click" moment with the game. However, I had my "click" moment with Lady Butterfly (the first boss I fought), so I more or less clowned on Genichiro my first time through lmao. Still, deflecting the multiple attack combo and the lightning and keeping up an almost permanent offensive is satisfying to do. Fighting Genichiro this early on is also important storywise to show how quickly Sekiro has been growing in such a short time, going from outright missing his blade in the tutorial to pulling it out slowly, but comfortably and confidently when fighting Genichiro a second time.
C Tier:
Folding Screen Monkeys:
I genuinely don't know what the mechanics are for this fight. I can tell it's supposed to be a puzzle fight of sorts, but I literally just chased/effectively stealth killed the purple, green, and orange monkeys. The white monkey I just kind of panicked and swung wildly around behind me when I heard it and killed it. Mind you, it only took me like maybe 3-5 minutes to chase all of the monkeys down my first time, so it clearly isn't a well-designed puzzle fight if I'm able to do this lmao. That being said, I didn't find it annoying or boring to chase them down. It just kinda happened and I forgot they even counted as a boss. Thus, it exists, I guess.
But yeah, there's my list as of now. I expect Guardian Ape to be the one most likely to move up in the future while Demon of Hatred and Lady Butterfly will be the two most likely to move down.
Oh, I almost forgot Mist Noble. Easy F tier. I can't believe Fromsoft would think it would be a good idea to add that level of bullshit IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GAME. I GOT STUCK ON IT FOR 3 DAYS.
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2021.12.03 13:28 thesaichi Luckiest pull I've ever had in a gacha

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2021.12.03 13:28 APKMirrorBOT Messages 10.8.860 beta by Google LLC

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2021.12.03 13:28 PepsiEnthusiast925 [US-MI][H] Paypal [W] Eggsy and Harry Kingsman Pops

Hello all, i'm looking to get my hands on some Kingsman Pops for my wife for christmas. Specifically I am looking for the Harry (462) and Eggsy with JB (463) Pops. If you have the boxes, great, but it isn't required. I just need them to be in good condition.
If you have the full set including Valentine and Gazelle I would also be interested in that, but I am not interested in these two alone.
This is my first time on this sub, but I have >40 confirmed trades on the Hardwareswap subreddit so i'm not new to this.
I'm local to 49423 (SW Michigan) and would be willing to meet locally if you'd like, but have no problems with shipping either. My paypal is ready to go so just comment then PM me with what you've got!
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2021.12.03 13:28 InstanceFinancial163 Switching career path to accounting.

Am I crazy for wanting to go from sales to accounting? I went back to school to get a degree in business but quickly realized after my two required accounting classes that I enjoyed accounting more.
I guess I just want to hear about the day to day. I hate doing sales. I hate having to convince people to give me some of their time to sell them a product. I’d rather have a routine and work in an office. Any advice on how I should get started would be greatly appreciated.
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2021.12.03 13:28 Notmapis2 Can we sell these?

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2021.12.03 13:28 AllOverNowhere Amazing

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2021.12.03 13:28 York_Oksmoll About The New Event (Shadow Amidst Snowstorms) OST

There's that soundtrack that I have been trying to find for a while now. It played on the Story Quest Part II, "Avalanche" scene (or after?). Does anyone know the OST used? Even the whole list of soundtracks used in this quest would still be helpful.

The background music in this game is so good!
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2021.12.03 13:28 APKMirrorBOT ES File Explorer File Manager by ES Global

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2021.12.03 13:28 Professional_Beach65 Should i quit participating in a Hackathon because of a cold?

I know what you're thinking... " what kind of question is that ?", But hear me out. Basically there is this big event tomorrow in the form of 2 days filled with workshops and speakers and challenges. And you guessed it... it's has a Hackathon as well, a 12h Hackathon at that. Now me and a group of 5 people decided to participate in the latter as a team at the start of this week. Which means we had 4 days of preparing up to that point. Unfortunately i woke up today with a mild cold which Is making debating whether i should retreat or not from the event. Although i know it's not going to settle well with my teammates but i don't want to take the risk of putting myself under the stress of the competition with me already feeling dizzy and tired as it is. So I'm asking my question because right now i might not feel like participating but after tomorrow the case may differ so what would you do if u were in my place ? oh and i know I'm overthinking things so u don't need to tell me that 😅
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2021.12.03 13:28 Ok-Estimate7840 Pollo👍

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2021.12.03 13:28 dapper-ezran Help

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2021.12.03 13:28 scartail WB Mechanical: non-axisymmetic results from axisymmetric model?

I have an axisymmetric model (basically a flange). Under loading the flange deflection is not axissymmetic (i.e. potato-chips, ripples). The axisymmetric results shows what i think is the envelope shape. It just shows an unrealistic fat flange.
What can I do to see the non-axisymmetric deflection from an axisymmetric model? Say, I want to see the deflections at 0 deg, then 10 deg, and so on.
thanks in advance.
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2021.12.03 13:28 Frozen_Lyon Is the Camera Scene Optimizer broken after the Android 12 Update?

Just updated to Android 12 today and I cannot get the scene optimizer to work now. It is turned on in the settings but doesn't appear to be working. Specifically, the scan document feature. There would be a "Tap to Scan" button when a document/paper was detected. Was super convenient and was trying to use it today after the update, but it simply isn't working.
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2021.12.03 13:28 opulentbum Seeking fulfillment, unsure how to find it

So I’m your prototypical “american dream” as people often put it. 25 years old, came from an upper-middle class family, good people, good values, good head on my shoulders, good job, etc. Always been told about how capable I am, and how much potential I have to do more or less anything I want. I’m a smart guy and I do well with people. Looking from the outside in, I’ve got basically everything you could ask for. I have friends and family who I’d move mountains for, and they would do the same for me. I have hobbies that I enjoy and help me pass time. I make enough money that I’m comfortable and really don’t have to worry.
But I feel as though I lack a sense of purpose, like I’m lost in the monotony of life. Work feels like a chore, even though what I do makes an impact on the lives of many. I’m in a leadership position and help to teach/coach/develop others in our company. I still have a ways to go in terms of career advancement, but I feel like all that will bring me is a bigger paycheck, and money isn’t the answer I’m seeking.
I feel like I’ve more or less made it at 25 and now I’m just sitting here thinking “now what?”
Nothing is important enough to me (aside from the people I’m close with) to really devote myself to. Couldn’t care less about politics or any specific “causes” where people say they donate time, energy or money to and it gives them purpose. And to each their own but I’m not religious, nor do I want to be.
I try to do things that challenge my mind, I play a lot of chess and I play a lot of golf. both of which are complicated in their own ways and require different forms of discipline. but I’m not even close to good enough to ever be a professional-caliber player in either one, no matter how much practice I put in lol. So they’re just hobbies and that’s perfectly okay with me. But still begs the questions “what am I doing with myself? What am I striving for? What do I care about?”
I’m not sure how one determines what gives them purpose. I have much more than most, and I’m grateful for that. but it seems like I’m kinda lost in the sauce now that I’ve done all those things you’re “supposed to do” in order to be successful and happy. Success clearly doesn’t translate to happiness and I’m not sure what will.
TL;DR: kid who’s got mostly everything going for him in life yet lacks some form of purpose or fulfillment
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2021.12.03 13:28 Historical_Card_7940 how much is this worth where your at

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